Monthly Meetings

Following is a partial listing of the American Monthly Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends founded in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.  Nineteenth-century Quaker quilt inscribers who were active members of the Religious Society of Friends would have belonged to a Monthly Meeting where detailed records were kept of member births, deaths, marriages, movements to other meetings, and misconduct.  If one is to find these records, one first must identify the meeting or meetings to which the inscribers belonged.

This partial listing was originally developed by Joanne Todd Rabun and appears as a reference file on   The listing has been augmented with additional meetings and founding dates from other sources.  The meetings are listed alphabetically by state and, where known, include the year the meeting was "settled", the Quaker term for founded.  Some of the meetings below were first established at earlier dates as Preparative Meetings associated with a "settled" regional, Monthly Meeting.  Many of them were later  "laid down" due to lack of membership caused by migration to other states or other reasons, and no longer exist.

Information about the types of Quaker meetings, including Monthly Meetings, can be found in our December 20, 2011 posting.  Further, hosts a web site as a part of that provides histories and photographs of early Meeting houses in Pennsylvania with links to same in Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, New England, and Washington D.C.  This site is in development and more will be added in time.  Go to


Duck Creek (New Castle County; founded 1705)
Hockessin-Centre on the Brandywine  (New Castle County; founded 1690)
Motherkill -Motherkiln  (Kent County; founded 1788)
Wilmington  (New Castle County; founded 1750))


Wrightsboro  (McDuffie County; founded 1770)


Benjamin Creek
Ellwood  (Vermilion County; founded 1860)
Plainfield  (Fulton County)
Vermilion  (Vermilion County; founded 1826)


Arba  (Randolph County; founded 1828)
Back Creek  (Grant County; founded 1838)
Beech Grove/Valley Mills  (Marion County; founded 1863)
Bloomfield-Bloomingdale (Parke County; founded 1827)
Bloomington  (Muscatine County; founded 1856)
Blue River  (Washington County; founded 1815)
Bridgeport  (Marion County; founded 1859)
Carthage  (Rush County; founded 1866)
Cherry Grove  (Randolph County; founded 1821)
Chester  (Wayne County; founded 1823)
Deer Creek  (Grant County; founded 1869)
Deer Creek Anti-Slavery Friends (Grant County; founded 1843; discontinued 1857)
Dover  (Wayne County; founded 1837)
Driftwood-Sand Creek  (Jackson County; founded 1820)
Duck Creek  (Henry County; founded 1826)
Fairfield  (Hendricks County; founded 1826)
Fairmount  (Grant County; founded 1869)
Fall Creek  (Madison County; founded 1839)
Greenfield-Farmers Inst.  (Tippecanoe County; founded 1844)
Greenwood-Eagle Creek  (Hamilton County; founded 1860)
Hinkles Creek  (Hamilton County; founded 1850)
Honey Creek  (Vigo County; founded 1820)
Honey Creek-New London  (Howard County; founded 1846)
Hopewell  (Vermillion County; founded 1873)
Hopewell  (Henry County; founded 1841)
Indiana Yearly Meeting of Anti-Slavery Friends (Wayne County; founded 1842-43;
     discontined by 1857)
Indianapolis  (Marion County; founded 1865)
Kokomo  (Howard County; founded 1867)
Lick Creek  (Orange County; founded 1813)
Maple Grove  (Huntington County; founded 1854)
Maple Run Friends Church (Grant County; founded1857)
Milford  (Wayne County; founded 1823)
Mill Creek  (Hendricks County; founded 1834)
Mississinewa  (Grant County; founded 1832)
Neuse  (Wayne County) 
New Garden  (Wayne County; founded 1815)
New Hope  (Howard County; founded 1873)
New Salem  (Howard County; founded 1855)
Oak Ridge  (Grant County; founded 1857)
Paoli  (Orange County; founded 1891)
Pipe Creek-Amboy  (Miami County; founded 1853)
Plainfield  (Hendricks County; founded 1857)
Pleasant Hill  (Howard County; founded 1861)
Poplar Ridge  (Hamilton County; founded 1866)
Raysville-Knightstown  (Henry County; founded 1857)
Richland-Carmel  (Hamilton County; founded 1841)
Rocky Run-Coloma  (Parke County; founded 1864)
Rush Creek  (Parke County; founded 1850)
Silver Creek-Salem  (Union County; founded 1817)
Sparrow Creek-Poplar Run  (Randolph County; founded 1841)
Spiceland  (Henry County; founded 1833)
Springfield  (Wayne County; founded 1820)
Sugar Plain  (Boone County; founded 1840)
Sugar River  (Montgomery County; founded 1830)
Union  (Howard County; founded 1873)
Wabash  (Wabash County; founded 1851)
Walnut Ridge  (Rush County; founded 1836)
West Grove  (Wayne County; founded 1818)
West Union  (Morgan County; founded 1849)
Westfield  (Hamilton County; founded 1835)
White Lick  (Morgan County; founded 1823)
White River  (Randolph County; founded 1824)
Whitewater  (Wayne County; founded 1809)


Bear Creek  (Dallas County; founded 1856)
Cedar Creek  (Henry County; founded 1856)
East Grove  (Lee County; founded 1850)
Honey Creek  (Hardin County; founded 1857)
Lynn Grove  (Jasper County; founded 1857)
Pleasant Plain  (Jefferson County; founded 1843)
Pleasant Run  (Jefferson County; founded 1843)
Prairie Grove
Red Cedar  (Cedar County; founded 1853)
Rich Square  (Clarke County; founded 1859)
Richland  (Keokuk County; founded 1851)
Rocksylvania  (Hardin County; founded 1858)
Salem  (Henry County; founded 1838)
Spring Creek  (Mahaska County; founded 1851)
Three Rivers  (Warren County; founded 1852)
Western Plain  (Marshall County; founded 1855)
Westland  (Marshall County; founded 1856)
Winnesheik  (Winnesheik County; founded 1855)


Cottonwood  (Lyon County)
Elk River  (Montgomery County; founded 1870)
Kansas  (Leavenworth County; founded 1860)
Lawrence  (Douglas County; founded 1869)
Shawnee  (Johnson County; founded 1864)
Spring Grove  (Crawford County; founded 1860)
Spring River  (Cherokee County; founded 1867)
Springfield  (Douglas County; founded 1864)
Toledo  (Chase County; founded 1867)
Tonganoxie  (Leavenworth County; founded 1868)


Bush River  (Hartford County)
Cecil-Ceacil  (Cecil County; founded 1698)
Deer Creek  (Hartford County)
East Nottingham  (Cecil County)
Elk Ridge  (Anne Arundel County)
Fairhaven  (Talbot County)
Gun Powder  (Baltimore County)
Hartford  (Hartford County?)
Indian Spring  (Montgomery County)
Little Falls
Monocacy (Prince George County; founded 1725)
Nottingham  (Cecil County; founded 1730)
Pipe Creek  (Carroll County; founded 1756)
Sandy (Indian) Spring  (Montgomery County)
West River


Adrian  (Lenawee County; founded 1831)
Birch Lake  (Cass County; founded 1841)
Raisin Valley (Lenawee County; funded 1835)


Gilead  (Lewis County; founded 1866)
Ozark  (Barry County; founded 1870)
Union  (Jasper County; founded 1868)

New Jersey

Burlington  (Burlington County; founded 1678)
Chester (Burlington County, founded 1803)
Chesterfield  (Burlington County, founded 1684))
Evesham  (Burlington County, founded 1760)
Great Egg Harbor (Atlantic County, founded 1726)
Haddonfield  (Camden County, was Newton until 1722, founded 1682)
Hardwick & Randolph (Blairstown, founded 1797)
Kingwood  (Hunterdon County)
Manasquan (Monmouth County, founded 1672)
Maurice River (Cumberland County, founded 1804)
Medford (Burlington County, founded 1793)
Moorestown (Burlington County, founded 1803)
Mount Holly  (Burlington County, founded 1776)
Pilesgrove (Salem County, founded 1794)
Pine Point & Shackamaxon (Gloucester County, founded 1682)
Plainfield  (Union County; founded 1705)
Quakertown (Hunterdon County, founded 1744)
Rahway & Plainfield  (Union County, founded 1686))
Rancocas  (Burlington County; founded 1678)
Salem  (Salem County, founded 1676))
Shrewsbury (Monmouth County, founded 1672)
Upper Evesham-Medford (Burlington County, founded 1793)
Upper Springfield (Burlington County, founded 1781)
Woodbury (Gloucester County, founded 1784)
Woodstown (Salem County, founded 1794)

New York

Farmington  (Ontario County)
Flushing  (Queens County; founded 1657)
Harrison Purchase
Jericho  (Nassau County)
Marlborough-Marlboro (Ulster County)
New York  (New York County; founded 1795)
Oblong  (Duchess County)
Westbury  (Nassau County)

North Carolina

Back Creek  (Randolph County; founded 1792)
Cane Creek  (Alamance County; founded 1751)
Carver's Creek  (founded 1746)
Center  (Guilford County; founded 1757)
Contentnea  (Wayne County; founded 1748)
Core Sound  (Carteret County; founded 1733)
Deep Creek  (Yadkin County; founded 1793)
Deep River  (Guilford County; founded 1778)
Dover  (Guilford County; founded 1815)
Greensboro  (Guilford Couty; founded 1891)
High Point  (Guilford County; founded 1892)
Holly Spring  (Randolph County; founded 1818)
Hopewell  (Guilford County; founded 1824)
Little River  (Perquimans County; founded 1713)
Marlborough  (Randolph County; founded 1816)
Neuse  (Wayne County; founded 1841)
New Garden  (Guilford County; founded 1754)
New Garden  (Rowan County)
Pasquotank  (Pasquotank County; founded 1698)
Perquimans  (Perquimans County; founded 1680)
Piney Woods (Perquimans County, founded in the 1670s)
Rich Square  (Northampton County)
Spring  (Alamance County; founded 1773)
Springfield  (Guilford County; founded 1790)
Suttons Creek  (Perquimans County; founded 1794)
Union  (Forsyth County; founded 1818)
Westfield  (Surry County; founded 1786)
Woodland  (Wayne County; founded 1883)


Alum Creek  (Delaware County; founded 1817)
Caesars Creek  (Clinton County; founded 1810)
Carmel  (Columbiana County; founded 1817)
Center (Clinton County; founded 1807)
Chesterfield  (Athens County; founded 1837)
Cincinnati  (Hamilton County; founded 1815)
Clear Creek  (Clinton county; founded 1812)
Cleveland  (Cuyahoga County; founded 1883)
Columbus  (Franklin County; founded 1874)
Concord  (Belmont County; founded 1782)
Deerfield  (Morgan County; founded 1827)
Dover  (Clinton County; founded 1824)
East Goshen  (Mahoning County; founded 1870)
Elk  (Preble County; founded 1809)
Fairfield  (Highland County; founded 1807)
Fall Creek  (Highland County; founded 1811)
Flushing  (Belmont County; founded 1818)
Gilead  (Morrow County; founded 1838)
Goshen  (Logan County; founded 1824)
Green Plain  (Clark County; founded 1821)
Greenwich  (Morrow County; founded 1848)
Hopewell  (Highland County; founded 1874)
Lee's Creek  (Clinton County)
Lees Creek  (Highland County; founded 1817)
Marlborough  (Stark County; founded 1814)
Miami  (Warren County; founded 1803)
Middleton  (Columbiana County; founded 1803)
Mill Creek  (Miami County; founded 1811)
Mr. Pleasant  (Jefferson County)
New Garden  (Columbiana County; founded 1808)
Newberry  (Clinton County; founded 1816)
Oblong  (Guernsey County)
Plainfield  (Belmont County; founded 1828)
Plymouth  (Washington County; founded 1850)
Plymouth-Smithfield  (Jefferson County; founded 1802)
Salem  (Columbiana County; founded 1804)
Sandy Spring  (Columbiana County; founded 1820)
Short Creek  (Jefferson County; founded 1804)
Somerset  (Belmont County; founded 1820)
Springborough  (Warren County; founded 1824)
Springfield  (Clinton County; founded 1818)
Stillwater  (Belmont County; founded 1808)
Union  (Miami County; founded 1813)
Upper Springfield  (Columbiana County; founded 1825)
Van Wert  (Van Wert County; founded 1875)
West  (Mahoning County; founded 1845)
West Branch  (Miami County; founded 1807)
Westfield  (Preble County; founded 1821)
Wilmington  (Clinton County; founded 1825)


Abington  (Montgomery County)
Burmingham (Chester County; founded 1815)
Bradford (Chester County; founded as Preparative Meeting 1726; as regular meeting 1737)
Byberry  (Philadelphia/Montgomery Counties; founded 1805)
Buckingham (Bucks County; founded 1720)
Caln  (Chester County; founded first as Preparative Meeting, then transferred to Bradford in 1737)
Center (Center County)
Center (Chester County)
Chester (Franklin County)
Chester Chichester/Upland (Delaware County; founded 1675)
Concord (Chester County; founded 1684))
Darby Creek (Philadelphia County; founded 1684)
Duck Creek (Lancaster County)
Dunning's Creek (Bedford County)
Exeter (Burks County)
Falls (Bucks County; founded 1683)
Goshen (Chester County; founded 1722)
Gwynedd (Montgomery County)
Horsham (Montgomery County)
Kennett Newark/New Castle (Chester County; founded 1760)
Little Britain (Lancaster County)
Little Creek (Lancaster County)
London Grove (Chester County: founded 1792)
Maiden Creek (Berks County)
Mennallen (Adams County)
Middleton (Bucks County)
Monongahela (Washington? County)
Munsy-Fishing Creek (Columbian County)
New Garden (Chester County; founded 1718)
North District (Philadelphia County; founded 1685)
Nottingham (Chester County; founded 1730)
Philadelphia (Philadelphia County; founded 1682))
Providence (Fayette County; founded 1789)
Providence (Montgomery County)
Radnor (Delaware County)
Redstone (Fayette County; founded 1793)
Richland (Bucks County; founded 1742)
Sadsbury (Lancaster County; founded 1737)
Sewickley (Westmoreland County; founded 1799)
Solesbury (Bucks County)
Springfield (Delaware County)
Upland-Chester (Delaware County)
Uwchlan (Chester County, Welsh Tract; founded 1763)
Warrington (York County; founded 1747)
West Grove (Chester County)
Westland (Washington County; founded 1785)
Wrightstown (Bucks County)
York (York County)

South Carolina

Bush River  (Newberry County; founded 1770)
Cane Creek  (Union County; founded 1775)
Charleston  (Charleston County; founded 1680)
Mt. Pleasant  (Berkeley County)
Piney Grove  (Marlborough County; founded 1755)
Wateree  (Kershaw County)


Lost Creek  (Jefferson County; founded 1797)
Mt. Pleasant  (Grayson County; founded 1801)
New Hope  (Greene County; founded 1795)
Newberry  (Blount County; founded 1808)


Alexandria  (Fairfax County)
Alexandria  (Alexandria County; founded 1802)
Back Creek  (Frederick County; founded 1777)
Beaver Dam  (Hanover County)
Bennett's Creek  (Nansemond County)
Bethel  (Southampton County)
Black Creek  (Southampton County)
Black Water  (Surry County; founded 1752)
Botts  (Amelia County)
Broadway  (Prince George County)
Brunswick  (Brunswick County)
Burleigh  (Prince George County)
Butlers  (Dinwiddie County)
Camp Creek  (Louise County; founded 1747)
Caroline  (Carolina County)
Cedar Creek  (Hanover County; founded 1739)
Center  (Frederick County)
Cheese Creek  (Campbell County)
Chuckatuck-Nansemond  (Nansemond County; founded before 1672)
Corinth  (Southampton County)
Crooked Run  (Warren County; founded 1781)
Culpeper  (Rapphannock County)
Curles-Henrico  (Henrico County)
Dover  (Goochland County)
Fairfax  (Loudon County; founded 1744)
Fawcett-Mt. Pleasant  (Frederick County)
Fork Creek  (Louisa County)
Gapp-Potts  (Loudoun County)
Genito  (Goochland County)
Goose Creek  (Bedford County; founded 1794)
Goose Creek  (Loudon County; founded 1785)
Gravel Springs (SW Frederick County)
Gravelly Run  (Dinwiddie County)
Green Spring (Louisa County)
Halifax  (Halifax County)
Hanover  (Hanover County)
Henrico  (Henrico County; founded before 1699)
Hills Creek  (Campbell County)
Hopewell-Opeckan  (Frederick County; founded 1735)
Howards  (Charles City County)
Ivy Creek  (Bedford County)
John Crews  (Charles City County)
Johnsons  (Isle of Wight County)
Kirbys  (Halifax County)
Ladds  (Mecklenburg County)
Langleys (Dinwiddie County)
Leesburg  (Loudon County; founded 1785)
Levy Neck  (Nansemond County)
Lupton's-Ridge (Frederick County)
Lyons Creek  (Isle of Wight County)
Merchants Hope  (Prince George County)
Molleys Creek  (Campbell County)
Mt. Pleasant (Frederick County)
Murdoughs (Nansemond County)
Orange (Orange County)
Pagan Creek  (Isle of Wight County; founded 1737)
Pattisons  (Amelia County)
Perquimans (Hanover County)
Picquinocque (Henrico County)
Pott's-Gap  (Loudoun County)
Radford (Pulaski County)
Richmond  (Richmond County)
Scimico  (York County)
Seacock  (Sussex County)
Sears  (Dinwiddie County)
Seneca  (Campbell County)
Smith Creek  (Shenandoah County)
Somerton  (Nansemond County)
South Fork  (Loudon County)
South River  (Bedford County; founded 1757)
Southern Branch (Nansemond County)
Southland  (Culpeper County)
Stafford  (Stafford County)
Stanton  (Sussex County)
Sugar Loaf Mountain  (Louisa County)
Surry  (Surry County)
Taylors Creek  (Mecklenburg County)
Terasco Neck  (Isle of Wight County)
Upper  (Prince George County; founded 1800)
Vicks  (Southampton County)
Wan Oak-Weyanoke  (Charles City County)
Warwick-York  (York County)
Waterford-Fairfax  (Loudon County)
Watkins  (Sussex County)
Western Branch-Lower  (Isle of Wight County; founded 1737)
Weyanoke  (Charles City County)
Whipanock  (Dinwiddie County)
White Oak Swamp  (Henrico County)
Widdow Butlers  (Appomattox County)

West Virginia

Bear Garden  (Hampshire County; founded 1767)
Berkeley-Bullskin  (Berkeley/Jefferson County)
Dillon's Run  (Hampshire County)
Great Cacapon (Hampshire County)
Middle Creek  (Berkeley County)
Mill Creek  (Berkeley County)
North Fork  (Hampshire County)
Providence  (Berkeley County)