July 14, 2014

Another Silk Quilt in the Archives of Westtown School

Last time we introduced you to a silk and cotton quilt completed by  Westtown student Elizabeth Dunn in 1867.  She began her quilt in 1860 while she was a student at Westtown School but this project was unrelated to the School's curriculum.  Needlework, taught to girls in many early Quaker schools, was removed from the Westtown curriculum in 1843.  Elizabeth seems to have initiated her quilt project on her own.

This time we would like to share another quilt in the archival collections of Westtown School in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Susanna Forsythe Sharpless Quilt.  Photograph courtesy of Westtown School
Archives, West Chester, Pennsylvania.
This quilt was made by Susanna Forsythe Sharpless and exemplifies the muted color tones favored by 19th century Quaker women in both their silk clothing and their silk quilts.  Newly purchased silk often was used by families and congregations to make wedding quilts for newly married couples.  Silk for quilts also was taken from clothing, such as wedding dresses, or from remnants left over from dress making.
Susanna's quilt is comprised of silk and cotton fabrics and measures 93 inches by 93.5 inches.  It has a solid fabric edging in cotton.  We do not know when Susanna made this quilt or if it is associated, in any way, with her marriage to Aaron Sharpless in 1847.
Susanna Forsythe was born on May 1, 1815 in East Bradford, Pennsylvania, the daughter of James and Ann Truman Forsythe.  At the age of thirty-two, she became the second wife of Aaron Sharpless at Abington Monthly Meeting nine miles north of Philadelphia near Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.  The date was October 6, 1847.
Aaron was six years older than Susanna when they married.  He was born February 13, 1809 to Isaac and Sarah Sharpless, also in East Bradford.  He had been previously married to Susanna Kite, whom he wed in 1835 and who passed away in 1844.
Both Aaron and Susanna had long and close ties to Westtown School.  Aaron became a pupil there in 1823 and became a member of the School's Committee in 1846, the year before he married Susanna Forsythe.  Susanna first attended Westtown School in 1829 and was added to the School's Committee in 1864.  From May 1869 though April 1874, the couple served as Superintendent and Matron of the School.
Susanna Forsythe Sharpless.  Photograph courtesy of Westtown School Archives,
West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Aaron was described in 1899 as "[...] a plain farmer, but of more than ordinary good sense, an elder of discernment and religious experience, and on all practical questions a man of excellent judgment."  Both Aaron and Susanna "[...] represented that of which Westtown was an exponent - good, practical education, and lives of self-denial, dedicated to the service of Truth."  (Dewees, 162.)
A view of the grounds of Westtown School.  Source:
Wikimedia Commons.
Susanna lived to be ninety-two years of age, dying in Chester County, Pennsylvania, on October 8, 1907.  Aaron predeceased Susanna by thirty-one years, dying at the age of sixty-six in Philadelphia on January 14, 1876 - just two years after leaving his position as Superintendent at Westtown School.  Both are buried at the Birmingham Friends Burial Ground, South, in Birmingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania.
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(c) Lynda Salter Chenoweth and Mary Holton Robare 2014.


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