February 1, 2014

Ann Lupton Bond Quilt

In our last post we looked at a tattered quilt that came out of the Lupton-Bond House on Apple Pie Ridge in Frederick County, Virginia.  This time, we will see another quilt attributed directly to one of the ladies of that house, Ann M. Lupton Bond (1840-1920).  This dynamic 81 X 98 inch quilt has blocks measuring 14 1/2 X 14 1/2 inches.  One of the many names for this block pattern is "Doves in the Window".

Ann Lupton Bond Quilt.  Photograph by John Herr.  Collection of John and Katie Anderson.

You might notice that there seems to be some confusion in the block four rows down, second from the right. One often-repeated theory is that craftsmen of both sexes (quilters, weavers, potters, etc.) sometimes intentionally made mistakes because only God is perfect but scholars now consider this a myth.  We can speculate many reasons this block appears as it does but, no matter the cause, we feel its presence lends an irresistible charm.

Ann Lupton Bond Quilt, detail.  Photograph by John Herr. Collection of John 
and Katie Anderson.

Ann Lupton Bond.  Photograph courtesy of John and Katie Anderson.

Ann was the daughter of Jonah Lupton and his second wife, Lydia Walker Lupton.  The Luptons lived just west of Apple Pie Ridge on Babb's Run.  Ann married orchardist John Bond in 1873 at the age of thirty-three, moving into his family's home.  The Bonds lived on Apple Pie Ridge--a nine mile stretch of Virginia orchards and farmland--in a c. 1810-1830 house with an early, front addition.  The house is still occupied by descendants.

Lupton-Bond House.  Photograph by Mary Holton Robare.

Ann was a respected Elder in Hopewell Monthly Meeting and the mother of six children, four of whom lived to maturity.  She is buried in the Quaker Upper Ridge Cemetery on Apple Pie Ridge.  It was an honor to include her quilt in the 2008 exhibit at the Virginia Quilt Museum and Mary's publication "Quilts and Quaker Heritage".  It is a pleasure to share it with our readers.

Virginia Quilt Museum, second floor gallery, 2008.  Photograph by Mary Holton Robare.

(c) Lynda Salter Chenoweth and Mary Holton Robare, 2014.

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